40 Years of Experience as a Licensed Public Accountant

Vincent ZaffinoVincent Zaffino brings more than 40 years of experience in business advisory, public and corporate accounting to meet the needs of his clients. Prior to launching his licensed public accounting practice in 1983, Vincent held senior management positions in accounting, compliance and internal audit at major Canadian corporations. As an active operational manager in a family business since his youth, he is aware and sensitive to the needs and concerns of families. He has been a chartered accountant since 1981, a certified financial planner since 1998 and a recently certified cash flow specialist.


A recognized expert in domestic, cross-border and international taxation, Vincent advises clients and assists with the development of tax-efficient business strategies domestically and abroad. Other areas of specialization include: accounting and assurance; new venture syndication, corporate reorganization and personal and estate planning, creditor proofing structures and management of cash and other resources.


Often considered a member of his clients’ management teams, Vincent acts as a trusted advisor on key decisions in the business lifecycle and in day-to-day operations. He regularly provides clients with counsel regarding financing; tax; estate planning; computerization; mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; succession and estate planning and the design, implementation and review of accounting control and reporting systems. Owner managed businesses are often challenged during transitions. Vincent can help.

Active Entrepreneurship

More than an accountant and financial advisor, Vincent is an entrepreneur and experienced business manager both with reporting and operations. He often takes an active role in sourcing and developing business opportunities for his clients.